sunrise bag

If you haven’t noticed, lucky you – but in Pankow it’s getting very autum: dark, cold and rainy. So what could be a better time than to show you some of Linda’s work she did during happier Summer times: the Sunrise Bag.

Originally, it was made for Linda’s mother who goes to work every day at 4 am! Even worse, she takes a plastic bag to take her lunch box and other survival stuff to work. That obviously is not an option for a loving daughter. 🙂

So, Linda designed and sewed the Sunrise Bag so her mother gets started each day with a little sun no matter the time and the weather. Isn’t that a lovely story.

The bag is made from pure cotton. The only thing to make it even more lovable is to fill it with flowers for Mother’s Day.


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  1. Anja Jones’s avatar

    It’s absolutely beautiful. I wish I had a beautiful sunrise like that to carry around with me 🙂


    1. admin’s avatar

      Linda, do you hear that? Your chance to make one more person happy. 🙂



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