fabric hunting

Last Sunday was the fabric market (Stoffmarkt Holland) in town. It must have been thousands of sewing enthusiast who flocked to Potsdam.

My mom and I got up early and made our way there to be on time for the opening at 11 am. It was soo packed!! You really had to push here and there to get close to a stand. It was like there were no other places than this one in and around Berlin to buy fabrics and sewing supplies.

After about 2 and half hours my wallet was empty and our stomachs were asking for lunch. Also my mom had to catch the bus back to Dresden at 3 pm so we had to leave either way.

Here’s the catch I made:

Fabric catch of the day

Some basics and some new fabrics I haven’t worked with before. Let’s see how these ideas I already have for some of these fabrics will end up. But first of all I have to decide if I wash the loden before starting the project or not. Difficult desicions to make, you see. 🙂

The next fabric market of this kind will probably be in January or maybe even March. But I definitely need to make a list of fabrics and supplies I need to stop myself from spending too much money.

And now, off to the idea board …

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