full baby body protection

Babies like to eat with hands and feet. The messier the better so it seems. Lilly looks like a prime example managing to smear cheese, cereal and mashed potatoes in places you didn’t even know she could  reach.

Anyway, the traditional baby bib is somewhat smallish and we certainly need to bring out the bigger guns.

So Linda came up with a totally revolutionary new baby bib design that delivers exactly what was needed: full baby body protection.

full baby body protection shown by lilly

Well, it doesn’t help with the nose. Clever little thing. Anyway, it seems Linda made an instant classic. And, because she liked it so much there is even a variation on the color.

baby bib bright green

And yes, as of today they come fully branded with the lilify.me logo. Awesome! 😉

awesome lilify.me branding

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