Vikings and dragons

Carnival is over and here are the costumes.

Since Ari can’t express his wishes yet, he just wore Lilly’s old dragon costume from last year. He didn’t try to get rid of it, so I take it he liked it. 🙂 It isn’t that easy to find a costume for a one year old. He wouldn’t keep a hat on or any other accessories nor would stay any paint in his face for long.

Lilly on the other hand couldn’t decide between being a clown, a blue ghost (wherever this idea comes from) or Wickie. Wickie won but there were only three days left to make the costume. I got started with making the helmet out of papier mâché (small paper shavings and wallpaper paste). And while this was drying I cut out the small tiles for the scale armor – a bit more than 100. To take a break from cutting the tiles I started with the shirt below the armor. For that I took the shape from a normal shirt from Lilly and made it longer. Though I didn’t think about the different materials. The sample shirt was made out of stretchy jersey but the final shirt was made of normal cotton, so not stretchy at all. In the end Lilly had to suffer a tiny bit to get in. But once the shirt was on, she could move normally. Next day more layers were needed on the helmet plus the horns, more cutting of tiles for the scale armor and a bit finishing of the shirt. On the last day (night) Basti helped me with getting the horns on the helmet and painting it. I sew all the tiles together to create the scale armor. FINISHED at around 2 o’clock in the mooring. Making Lilly’s costume took quite a few hours but her smile when she wore it made up for it.


Next year I will have to make two complete new costumes. I definitely have to get started earlier than two days before the big day.


Lilly – scale armor: old sample of a very stiff waterproof fabric; shirt: cotton; helmet: news paper, paper towel, wallpaper paste

Ari – dress: jersey plus cardboard for the wings and stuffing for the tail

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