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Babies like to eat with hands and feet. The messier the better so it seems. Lilly looks like a prime example managing to smear cheese, cereal and mashed potatoes in places you didn’t even know she could  reach.

Anyway, the traditional baby bib is somewhat smallish and we certainly need to bring out the bigger guns.

So Linda came up with a totally revolutionary new baby bib design that delivers exactly what was needed: full baby body protection.

full baby body protection shown by lilly

Well, it doesn’t help with the nose. Clever little thing. Anyway, it seems Linda made an instant classic. And, because she liked it so much there is even a variation on the color.

baby bib bright green

And yes, as of today they come fully branded with the logo. Awesome! 😉

awesome branding

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If you haven’t noticed, lucky you – but in Pankow it’s getting very autum: dark, cold and rainy. So what could be a better time than to show you some of Linda’s work she did during happier Summer times: the Sunrise Bag.

Originally, it was made for Linda’s mother who goes to work every day at 4 am! Even worse, she takes a plastic bag to take her lunch box and other survival stuff to work. That obviously is not an option for a loving daughter. 🙂

So, Linda designed and sewed the Sunrise Bag so her mother gets started each day with a little sun no matter the time and the weather. Isn’t that a lovely story.

The bag is made from pure cotton. The only thing to make it even more lovable is to fill it with flowers for Mother’s Day.


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Admitted, the title is a bit misleading but hey, baby steps, right?

I’ve been a bit lazy (speak busy with other projects) writing, which doesn’t mean that Linda has. In fact she churns out more nice stuff than I can write about on my weekly schedule. So let me try to catch up starting with another piece of Linda’s manufacture.

Here we have 2 key chains (get it?) she made for the both of us. It’s the first adventure to the art of sewing and it went pretty well. Obviously the blue one is for me. Not!

It’s actually made of two pieces of fabric sewn together and another narrower one sewn on the top as eye catcher. With three layers they are quite sturdy which I like.

I’m wearing mine for 4 or 5 months now and it still looks like new.

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Ok, it’s not really dead. But I liked the spectacular title. Oh yea, and the head it’s me after trying Linda’s deadly work. 🙂

While writing the post I just found out that this is actually a double feature. Originally, I was supposed to introduce Linda’s second work a blue cap. I think it was a gift for my birthday in January. Linda really put all her energy behind it and  only 2 months later I held my cap.

To be fair, it was not quite as easy as it may look. She had to start over 3 times until the point was exactly right. The bobble is huge. I like it a lot.

The skull in fact is an ancient handcrafting by Linda made some 10 years ago during her internship at the theater in Dresden. Scary.

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Here comes the first one. Linda made it for Lilly, our baby daughter. In fact, Lilly was the reason why Linda got started with her handcrafting in the first place. The technique is called Amigurumi, or a little less fancy, crochet.

Anyway, Linda found the pattern for the dragon somewhere on the web. She liked it at first sight. It took a while to finish it since it was the first try.

Originally, it’s red or black or pink. But it was just too much. If you have a baby daughter you simply can’t avoid pink. Each and every baby present has some pink in it. So it became orange. I like it better this way.

Oh yea, and it is filled with cherry stones. so I guess you could heat it in the oven and put it around your neck, too. 🙂

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