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A Night shift for my little pixie and mole

I’m knackered and proud at the same time. After a long night shift to get both costumes finished, it was great to see Lilly’s smile and bright shining eyes when she wore her costume the first time.

Pixie Lilly

I think Ari felt Lilly’s excitement the night before carnival and had a very restless night. Therefore we thought it would be better to leave him sleep. I brought Lilly to the kindergarten and I got really sad that he was going to miss this big day.

Back home I was greeted by a very cheerful little man. We called the kindergarten and asked if it was still possible to bring Ari there so he could take part in the festivities.

We had a small breakfast, got dressed and Ari could also ware his little mole dress to the colorful party.

Little Mole Ari

The original idea included a little shovel. But I somehow forget about it while worrying that all ordered fabrics wouldn’t arrive in time.