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It’s already a month ago since the last proper post. I really need to get going and post more often here. Though with a newly started business and a very demanding one year old, it’s just more relaxing to read other blogs or watch some videos (while knitting) at the end of the day.


I wanted to start a new ‘tradition’ for this blog by making a monthly recap of all major happenings in our home. Sadly, I just realised I didn’t take that many pictures last month. So the recap will be more text than pix.

First off the start into a new year. We spent our new year together with some friends in Osnabrück. It’s just so nice and relaxed spending the big day amongst friends at friends. And another big plus side: there is no need  for a babysitter. Win win. 🙂

One week after new year I had a great weekend in Dresden seeing my parents, my sister and her little family and my cousins. We met up for a lovely rustic dinner and had to catch up on all the news from everyone.

The following two weeks brought us two birthdays to celebrate. Best occasion to meet family and friends and have a fantastic time together.

And between all these festivities I completed the tablet sleeve for Basti and even put it into my shop because of the good responses I received.

tablet sleeve for Basti


I even made two more. One which I sold already and one for a very special friend of mine. 😉

two more sleeves


Another sewing project was the following cape for Lilly’s group at day nursery. It’s sooo red and really loved by the kids in the group. Mission accomplished! 🙂


red cape


One more thing happened this January… there is finally some SNOW. Yeahy!!